1) Who can apply for KCPC scholarship fund?
Please see "qualification criteria" section of scholarship.kcpc.org

2) When and how can I apply?
Application for 2017-2018 school year will be accepted via online only from 3/12/2017 to 5/13/2017 (9 weeks)

3) How much is the scholarship amount?***
        a) Seminary Student who is/was KCPC Intern: up to $4000.00/year x 3 years maximum ($12000.00 Max.)
        b) Seminary Student: up to $2000.00/year x 3 years maximum ($6000.00 Max.)
        c) Graduate Student: up to $2000.00/year (must apply every year)
        d) College Student: up to $1000.00/year (must apply every year)
        e) High School Student: up to $500.00/year (must apply every year)
        *** Please note that the above amounts and the number of awardees may vary per committee's discretion***

4) When would the award decision will be announced?
Award decision will be made by 7/8/2017 and a notification email will be sent to awardee only on 7/10/2017 

5) When and how would I be notified of scholarship application status?
You will receive a confirmation of application submission once you click "submit" button. 
Award notification will be sent to awardees only. 
Names of awardees will be posted on scholarship.kcpc.org web site after 7/102017.

6) What if I have further questions regarding application form, qualification criteria, etc.?
Please send an email to scholarship@kcpc.org